History of the Church in Baton Rouge

In 1985, several Christians (families and single brothers and sisters) moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to help support a group of brothers who were preaching the gospel on local college campuses. Those who migrated here provided a community and church environment for those who had received the gospel at Louisiana State University and Southern University. Since that time we continued to labor on the college campus and have seen scores of young people, married and single, from Louisiana, Malaysia, Brazil, mainland China, Indonesia, the Dominican Republic, and other parts of the U.S. established in the faith and perfected to serve the Lord as vital members in the Body of Christ.

We meet in a variety of ways: on college campuses, in homes, in meeting halls, and currently at 10524 Highland Road, just a short drive south of the LSU campus. We also have meetings at various times during the week in homes throughout the city.

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